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What do you know about The Handmaid’s Tale season 2? — Jackson
Even though Moira has escaped to Canada, that doesn’t mean she is truly free. “You don’t really escape, do you?” EP Bruce Miller says. “Gilead is within you, as Aunt Lydia says, so you carry it with you wherever you go. The story is that her body is out, and how long is it going to take her to build a semblance of self, and not to recover, but start to move past what happened to her in Gilead. And for everybody around her, like Luke and everybody else, they’re looking at her and saying, ‘God, how difficult this journey is, what’s going to happen if I ever see June again, is she going to be this broken?’ The people that are in Luke’s life who have gone through experiences in Gilead — these horrible, violent experiences of sexual assault and all this stuff — have been quite damaged by it, and all he’s thinking about is, ‘What’s it going to be like when I see my wife again?'”

Aside from the awesomeness that is Lana Parrilla’s directorial debut, any other surprises planned for the 150th episode of Once Upon a Time? — C
There will be a very big introduction during the hour! “We’ve teased that Zelena has a fiancé, one who she has real feelings for,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis tell me. “And who better to introduce the audience to that fiancé than the woman playing her big sister, Lana Parrilla in her directing debut.” Also, here’s Lana’s reaction to the big news: “I’m so honored for this opportunity and grateful to have my directorial debut on a show I call home!”

Any word on when Kara will find out about Sam being Reign on Supergirl? — Margaret
Considering Sam turns to Alex with her concerns over losing big chunks of time in an upcoming episode, I feel like we’re closer than ever to that reveal. “It does seem like it’s only a matter of time,” Melissa Benoist says. “What I think is the most important is how Sam is going to react, because obviously she has no awareness of what’s happening right now. The entire arc of the season is this identity crisis for every character, so if Kara finds out about Sam, if and when, it’s definitely going to be a part of that journey.” The question remains whether Kara will actually be there to support Sam through this twist. “That would be difficult,” Benoist says, “but knowing Supergirl, and how she tends to deal with situations, and how she thinks everyone deserves a second chance, and that you can change and be a better person and a hero, I think she’ll try to help her.”

Does the title of Friday’s episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mean we’re finally going to see how the world really ended? — Rekka
“The Last Day” will definitely provide some major clues, but we won’t actually see what transpired, which means the mystery of whether Daisy is to blame still remains. “It alludes to a few things about [the end of the world],” Clark Gregg says. “It more refers to time running out where we are. We do start to get hints. Definitely putting together that mystery [of how the world ended] becomes a big part of where we’re going.”

What do you have on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? — Kenny
After Seamus Murphy threatened to harm Kevin, Holt will basically kidnap his own husband, throwing him in a safe house with Jake, which should lead to a lot of hilarity considering their wildly different personalities. “Kevin is one of my favorite characters on television and we’re always trying to give him more to do,” executive producer Dan Goor tells me. “I guarantee that the next episode is a great Kevin episode. We really give him a chance to shine.”

I’m officially obsessed with Black Lightning! Scoop? — Samuel
While Jefferson Pierce is now dealing with an influx of violence in Freeland, he’ll soon have to contend with a new drug that hits the streets. “We’re introducing a new drug into the community called Green Light in later episodes,” EP Salim Akil says. “It will be the crux of the season in terms of how drugs enter a community, how a community is exploited, and Black Lightning sort of working himself up the food chain of discovering where it comes from and who put it there.”

Please tell me Quinn is alive on Scandal! Please. Please. Please. — Sarah
I can’t confirm nor deny her fate, but I can tell you how QPA would feel if they found out what really happened to her: “I think that would be a deal-breaker for Huck at least,” Guillermo Diaz tells me. “There would be no coming back from that if Huck found out that Olivia had a part in having Quinn murdered.” Does that all but confirm my theory that Charlie is pointing his gun at Olivia in this winter premiere photo? “We’re shooting at a snake in the grass — that’s what it looks like to me,” George Newbern quips. “It could be many things. It’s a cool shot.” Pun intended?

It’s Wayward Sisters week on Supernatural! What can we expect? — Cate
We know that Claire comes home to help Jody and company save Sam and Dean, and we know that Claire doesn’t immediately hit it off with newcomer Patience… but what about Alex? “They’re so different,” Kathryn Newton says of Claire and Alex. “But Claire doesn’t really have anyone who understands her, especially someone her age, so she’s got no other choice. They’re lost and they kind of save each other. They’re in a situation where they’re forced to need each other, and they always have each other’s back. They’re not blood-related but they’re definitely sisters now. They’re bonded by something else, something stronger.”

Any Roman scoop for Blindspot? — Pat
Now that Roman is in the inner circle of Blake’s father, the line between his ultimate goal and his growing feelings for Blake may be crossed. But this story dovetailing with the FBI investigation should start giving the audience some clues as to Roman’s ultimate goal. “Roman has made these tattoos so the team can be taking Crawford’s pieces from the outside, while Roman has now infiltrated the inside,” EP Martin Gero teases. “Why Roman has put Crawford in his sights is a whole other story.”

Are we really, finally going to see the rest of the Bad Place on The Good Place? — Tim
Yes, we are! However, while Michael can go incognito, it’ll be tough for the quartet to blend in, especially when they’re caught in a precarious position that puts them in the spotlight — literally. I have to stay relatively cryptic on this one, but I can tease that Michael will make a surprising decision that will leave a lasting impression.

This week in TV: This is a powerful episode that’s not to be missed.

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