Credit: Spike

Spike TV’s Twitter account is ripping its own channel’s programming

Ahead of the cable channel’s rebranding into the Paramount Network, the social media account has turned into a cascade of profane mockery of the network that’s targeted young male viewers since 2003 with shows like The Ultimate Fighter, 1,000 Ways to Die, and COPS reruns.

Yes, this is a deliberate PR stunt, but the jokes still work. Here’s the best of them (NSFW language):

According to AdWeek, the idea was to have “the fictional bro to react ‘like someone might in the modern workplace if they got handed a pink slip,’ said Red Fabbri, Spike TV’s VP of fan engagement and editorial. “He’s confronting an existential crisis, having a bit of a meltdown in public.” Spike TV becomes The Paramount Network on Thursday.