During a regular weather segment from KTVU’s Mark Tamayo, a giant bird blocked the weatherman’s “favorite camera” scenic view of the Marin Headlands in the San Fransisco Bay Area.

The bird’s cameo didn’t stop there. Like a total superstar, the fab feathered friend broke the fourth wall as he perched atop the camera and leaned over to make eye contact with his new fans. Tamayo stepped out of the shot, allowing the surprise guest to take center stage.

“I might need a little more time for this weather segment just because we have a little visitor,” said Tamayo jokingly.

After checking in for a couple of seconds, the bird left the shot, and Tamayo ended his segment while keeping his cool. According to KTVU, this is not the first time a bird has made a surprise appearance during the weather forecast. Five months ago, a bird almost flew into the camera overlooking the Bay Area during Tamayo’s segment.

Watch the clip above.