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Saturday Night Live - Season 42

E! is trying a little too hard to keep up with the changing times in this SNL sketch.

In the video, hosts of faux fashion show The Look sat around to judge ladies’ looks from last weekend’s Golden Globe Awards in the most empowering way possible. After a quick dig at the pay gap between former E! News host Catt Sadler and Jason Kennedy, hosts of the fashion segment Rochelle Koontz (Cecily Strong) and Dean Swizz (Sam Rockwell) introduced guest panelists Angelo Dolphintuna (Kenan Thompson, channeling Andre Leon Talley) and activist Silvia Nunez (Melissa Villaseñor), the director of a women’s shelter. Unluckily for Nunez she wasn’t able to get a word in about the importance of her work before the hosts turned to the real issues at hand: Golden Globes fashion.

The panel took turns complimenting the female actresses on their looks saying things like “she looks empowered” and “I don’t even see a dress, I see a CEO,” before reprimanding Nunez for describing Kate Hudson as just “beautiful.” The judges even went as far as to boo the pregnant Eva Longoria for carrying a baby boy, not girl.

The sketch also skewered Golden Globe winner Frances McDormand’s unnecessarily-bleeped acceptance speech at last weekend’s ceremony by having McDormand (Kate McKinnon) herself drop by. Despite the frequent censoring of what she was saying, we did manage to learn that the dress she was wearing was the same dress from a production of The Crucible she did in ’92.

Watch the full clip above. Stay tuned to EW.com for more SNL coverage, including our full recap of host Sam Rockwell’s episode.

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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