Genius (TV series)

The first trailer for Genius: Picasso has arrived, offering a glimpse at Antonio Banderas’ transformation into the famed Spanish artist.

National Geographic’s Emmy-nominated anthology series, which starred Geoffrey Rush as Albert Einstein in its freshman season, is returning this year with 10 episodes about influential 20th-century artist Pablo Picasso, his relentless creativity, and his shifting personal and political alliances — and by the looks of the passion-packed trailer, there was plenty of revelry amid all the artistic pursuits.

While Banderas plays Picasso in his 40s onward, Alex Rich portrays the artist in his youth, and it seems he had an eye for the ladies at an early age; in the trailer, Picasso uses the phrase “I want to paint you” with such frequency that it pretty much becomes his pick-up line. But nothing, it seems, is more important to the painter than his art. “The only way to be a true artist is to work day and night,” says Banderas as Picasso. “Lose yourself in it completely.”

The series is executive produced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. Watch the trailer above.

Genius (TV series)
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