January 12, 2018 at 03:29 PM EST

Stranger Things fans got a taste of Jim Hopper’s dad-like dance moves in season 2, and the internet immortalized the moment in an adorable GIF that seems to be popping up everywhere. David Harbour, the man inside the tan-on-tan Hawkins Police uniform, sat down with EW to share his reaction to the popularity of the GIF.

“I think it’s funny, too,” he tells EW. “And I get that it’s me, but I also think that it’s kind of not me, and I just enjoy watching this weird old dude dance.”

Harbour, who was awarded a Critic’s Choice Award Thursday night for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, expands further on his disconnect from the character by relating it to a quote by Harrison Ford about Indiana Jones fandom.

“He said, ‘I have no association with it. It just exists.’ And I sort of understand what he’s saying.” Harbour says. “I think it’s fun, and I get a little bit excited, but in general once it’s put out into the universe, Hopper is Hopper. In that way, I have an enjoyment of the meme as much as the internet does, and in that way it’s gratifying, but it just feels like it’s its own beast and I’m just a passenger watching.”

Watch the full clip above. Keep groovin’, Hopper.

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