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Want scoop on your favorite shows? Then come hang out in the Spoiler Room, where I attempt to satiate your need to find out what’s coming up on TV. If you want spoilers on a specific show, send Qs to my Twitter: @NatalieAbrams.

What’s next on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Heather
With the team on the run from Kasius’ people, it may be time to ditch the Lighthouse and head back to the past. But there’s at least one team member who is hesitant to return home considering, well, she’ll apparently cause the end of the world. “Since Daisy was so rudely told by Deke, it’s something that has been on the forefront of her mind, back and forth between how could this happen? and that’s not possible, but they keep saying it is, and trying to find the line about what’s real about these rumors. The guilt starts seeping in and she does try to take some extreme measures in the future.”

Blindspot is finally back this week and it looks like it will break out hearts. Any news on the future of Jane and Kurt’s relationship? — Audrey
The show will deal with the reveal that Weller supposedly killed Jane’s daughter almost immediately when it returns Friday. “Kind of like how we did when we revealed that Borden was the mole, we spent a whole act talking about the repercussions of that, and we do that this time,” EP Martin Gero says. “It won’t be right away. The episode will start and everyone’s like, ‘Where is Weller and Jane? How come they haven’t come into work yet?’ and we know they’re dealing with some shit. The first act after the teaser, we really deep dive, it’s really emotional. It’s some of the best work that Jaimie and Sully have done all year. You’ll get to know everything.” How will Jane react to this news? “Her first reaction is he must be wrong, that it maybe wasn’t her daughter,” Gero adds. “But he’s pretty convinced that it is.”

What can you tease for Grey’s Anatomy‘s return? — Marcy
The midseason premiere picks up right where the show left off, with Jo being confronted by the return of his abusive and manipulative estranged husband Paul. “The next two episodes get to a very dark and intense place, but it deals with it and kind of resolves the whole story in a beautiful and redemptive way,” Kevin McKidd tells me. “People step up for Jo because everyone loves Jo. But it’s interesting because Paul is a kind of like a conman and he has incredible skills of persuasion, so there are twists and turns along that road where people start going, ‘Wait, his version of things seem kind of plausible,’ so it’s really interesting depicting and telling that story of somebody who is a deeply manipulative person.”

Would love some Blacklist scoop please. — Faith
I can exclusively reveal that Martha Plimpton guest stars in an upcoming episode, which is titled “Mr. Raleigh Sinclair III.” The actress, who most recently starred on The Real O’Neals, will play Dr. Sharon Friedman, a tough but fair-minded psychotherapist who is hired by the FBI to evaluate Liz’s fitness for duty following the death of her husband — and it won’t be easy for all involved, because Dr. Friedman is classically skeptical and demands total honesty from her patients. Good luck!

Will Jake and Amy definitely get married this season on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? — Sam
“It will be this season,” EP Dan Goor confirms, teasing that we’ll also see the bachelor/ette parties, as well as additional wedding planning episodes. “There’s a story with Amy and Rosa that I’m really excited for where it’s a wedding story that I think we play with the Bechdel test a little.”

Did you get any scoop on Quinn’s fate when you hit the Scandal set? — Rutger
Here’s some good news: Katie Lowes was actually on set while I was there Wednesday, so Quinn might still be alive! Maybe. Hopefully. “I can’t say anything much about why I’m here, but you know that the show deals a lot with flashbacks and time not necessarily moving in chronological order,” Lowes teases. “You will find out very early on as soon as we come back what Quinn’s fate is. All I can say is some of the stuff you’re going to see is definitely the hardest stuff I’ve ever done for sure.”

Any new scoop on the Coven of Eight on Once Upon a Time? — Jason
Just that it sounds like some of the Coven may not necessarily evil. “Some of them turn out to be not quite the personalities or the figureheads that they seem to be,” Andrew J. West tells me. “We’re going to see some people had different goals all along and those will be revealed down the line. There could be some characters that are way more complex than just evil or just good. We’ll see some characters who had intentions that you could label as evil that could start to change or see the light. Who will that be? Will that be Gothel? We don’t know yet.”

I’d take some Supergirl spoilers. — Chacy
Here’s a tiny teaser for Monday’s midseason premiere: In addition to seeing Mon-El suit up for the first time, “We’ll also learn more about what Mon-El has been up to in the future,” according to executive producers Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner.

What can you tell me about Deacon and Jessie on Nashville? — Anna
It’s not easy going from being friends to more-than-friends, and considering that Deacon and Jessie haven’t seen each other in a while, they’re not even sure what they are when they first reconnect. But with a little push from Scarlett, Deacon does ask Jessie out on a date in this week’s episode. As for how the date goes, let’s just say it’s not what Deacon expected.

Will we finally find out whether Frank or Wes is the baby daddy on How to Get Away with Murder? — Hope
Per executive producer Pete Nowalk: “Yes, we’re going to find that out in the next episodes. That was one I really wish we had answered [in the winter finale], but story-wise it didn’t work until after. You’ll see why.”

This week in TV: Even more excited about Krypton after learning this.

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