The animated Fox comedy's milestone episode sees the two Griffins end their friendship over Rupert's demise

One of the longest-running prime-time series will hit a milestone this weekend — and a rock-solid friendship is in danger of crumbling.

On Sunday, Family Guy will unleash its 300th episode — yes, another animated Fox comedy has already passed the 600-episode mark, but this milestone is still quite impressive — with the tragic tale of how Stewie and Brian’s friendship ended in a huge fight. (At least temporarily.) The Seth MacFarlane-created series — yes, the one that pays more tribute to Star Wars than Star Trek — finds Stewie livid after Brian destroys Rupert, his beloved stuffed bear that is a lot more than a beloved stuffed bear.

The episode also pays tribute to a high-octane movie franchise. “Cherry Chevapravatdumrong wrote the episode, and among many skill sets she brings to her job as a writer is a fondness bordering on obsession with The Fast and Furious series,” executive producer Rich Appel told EW earlier this season. “One of the sustained bits in the show revolves around Stewie’s adoration of that series, and he tells Brian to be careful talking about Paul Walker because he hasn’t yet broken the news of his death to Rupert.”

Here, you can watch tension turn to anger turn to fists of fury (and furry) before Stewie takes a tumble down a mountain.

The episode, titled” “Dogs Bites Bear,” airs Jan. 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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