Jensen Ackles Family Business Beer Co CR: Julia Keim
Credit: Julia Keim

Supernatural star Jensen Ackles already knows all about saving people, hunting things so now he’s trying his hand at serving people fermented things. At least that’s the tagline for his latest business venture, a brewery by the name of Family Business Beer Co.

The family-owned brewery comes from Ackles and his wife Danneel, along with husband-wife duo Ed and Debby Graul, and Gino Graul. Located in Dripping Springs, Texas, Family Business Beer Co. opens its door on Wednesday, Jan. 10. The brewery has long been a dream of Ackles and wife Danneel and was founded on the premise of bringing people together over good beer, good music, and good food. (In other words, Dean Winchester would approve.)

Danneel’s brother, Gino Graul, will manage the day-to-day operations of the brewery with Nate Seale serving as head brewer. “The idea to start a small brewery began about 5 years about when my brother-in-law Gino and I thought we were making some pretty good backyard brews and wanted to take it to the next level,” Ackles says. “Little did we know that our casual chat about starting a brewery would lead us to where we are today as Family Business Beer Co. Needless to stay, we are very excited.”

Jensen Ackles Family Business Beer Co CR: Julia Keim
Credit: Julia Keim

For Supernatural fans, the brewery’s name might sound familiar. (Translation: It should sound very familiar.) As Ackles says, “The name was a simple placeholder (since we are a family) until we could come up with something catchy, but we realized that the name made sense on a few different levels — one being a nod to Supernatural as one of the early slogans for the show was ‘Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.’ — so we shrugged our shoulders and said, ‘Guess we have a name!'”

Family Business Beer Co., which began construction in the spring of 2017, also features a stage for live music, a kids’ playground, outdoor games, and more. And for those who don’t love beer, it will serve a selection of local and regional wines, along with non-alcoholic drinks. It’s also home to Jep’s Southern Roots, a new food truck from Duck Dynasty stars Jep and Jessica Robertson, which will serve up Southern comfort food and staple Cajun favorites.

Jensen Ackles Family Business Beer Co CR: Julia Keim
Credit: Julia Keim

You can find out more about Ackles’ latest venture at

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