The musical comedy series premieres Jan. 30 on Vimeo

Lin-Manuel Miranda has played important historical figures before, but now he’s taking it one step further as Jesus (pronounced Hay-SOOS), complete with robe and crown of thorns.

The composer-actor is dressed as Jesus as part of an advertising scheme in his guest starring spot on upcoming musical comedy series Bartlett on Vimeo. He also hilariously quotes from the Henry V St. Crispin’s Day Speech and when asked if he’s quoting the Bible, fittingly responds “the actor’s Bible.”

Premiering Jan. 30 on Vimeo, the show follows advertising agency bad boy Roger, portrayed by Miranda’s fellow Freestyle Love Supreme member and In the Heights producer Anthony Veneziale.

Roger Newhouse is having a terrible year — the true success of his agency, Maggie Knowland (Chrissy Mazzeo) has left him for one of his rivals, Sanjay Kahn (Utkarsh Ambudkar). Hemorrhaging clients, Roger decides to quit his day job and pursue his dream of becoming a musician. With six episodes set over the course of a single day, Roger has to outwit his boss (Don Reed), prevent more employees from leaving the agency, and convince Maggie to come back to him — all by winning the prized Pear Computer account.

The show is destined to be a hit with musical theater lovers, since Roger expresses his emotions through song in music videos released by Anxiety Records straight from his imagination. Star Veneziale also penned the original songs on display in the show and this exclusive clip featuring the talents of Miranda and Sofia Lucio.

Watch the clip above for more. Bartlett hits Vimeo on Jan. 30.