The 'Fire and Fury' author also reveals whether anything he saw from the Trump administration gives him hope

Since Michael Wolff’s new book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House arrived like a bombshell last week, reporters, pundits, and readers have been poring over it for juicy tidbits about the president’s tumultuous administration — and the book has certainly delivered.

On Monday evening, Wolff stopped by The Late Show to discuss Fire and Fury, and Stephen Colbert asked if there were any revelations in the book that Wolff was surprised no one has asked him about yet. His answer shed light on Trump’s notoriously leaky operation.

“This is like a fundamentally serious thing about this, that everybody in the White House had their own press secretary,” Wolff said. “So the president has his own press secretary — not Sean Spicer, but his private press secretary. Jared [Kushner] had a press secretary, Steve Bannon had a press secretary. So there are all these different press operations, so the answer [to] why are there so many leaks in this White House, that’s what they did all day. That’s what the operations was.”

“So everyone’s spinning their own PR all the time?” Colbert asked.

“Everybody,” Wolff said. “They’re essentially different White Houses, with these little staffs going out talking to the press all day long.”

Colbert also asked Wolff whether anything he saw inside the Trump White House impressed him or gave him hope. Watch the video below for his answer.

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