ABC chief: 'Coming up with a title is one of the most challenging things we do'
Credit: Mitch Haaseth/ABC

The Grey’s Anatomy spin-off debuts in a couple months and ABC still doesn’t know what it’s called yet.

ABC executives admitted to reporters on Monday they’ve been a bit flummoxed figuring out the sexy fire-fighter ensemble soap’s moniker — and one reason is NBC’s sexy fire-fighter ensemble soap Chicago Fire.

“The truth of the matter is coming up with a title is one of the most challenging things we do,” ABC president Channing Dungey said. “We’ve gone through a number of different options and ideas. We want to make sure what we stick on it is the perfect piece.”

She noted that because it’s unofficially called the “Grey’s Anatomy spin-off,” it makes it a little easier to wait until the last minute since that description alone has name recognition.

One reporter asked if Chicago Fire was the reason Shondaland’s latest drama wasn’t called Seattle Fire and Dungey confirmed that was indeed correct.

“That would be the main reason we’re not going to call it Seattle Fire,” she said.

This all should be figured out soon, she added.

“We would like to know in the next couple weeks,” Dungey said. “We have a few final ideas that we’re rolling around.”

ABC could always go with the joking title the cast and producers have been using behind the scenes: Blaze Anatomy.

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