Watch the trailer for the latest DCOM

Disney Channel Original Movies are turning to the undead.

The latest movie from the Disney Channel is called ZOMBIES, and naturally, because it’s on Disney, it’s a musical. The new song-and-dance original will premiere on the network on Friday, Feb. 16 at 8 p.m.

The movie turns to familiar themes of acceptance, tolerance, kindness, and friendship with its tale of zombie high school students integrating into a new school, Seabrook High. Seabrook is a suburban town obsessed with tradition, conformity, football, and cheerleading, but they’re in for a major shake-up when students from Zombietown transfer to Seabrook High and struggle to coexist alongside human students. When a fierce cheerleader, Addison, and zombie football star, Zed, become friends, they partner to help unite their school and community.

The musical features the talents of Meg Donnelly (American Housewife) as Addison and Milo Manheim (Ghost Whisperer) as Zed, as well as Trevor Tordjman (The Next Step), Kylee Russell (Jump In), Carla Jeffery (Curb Your Enthusiasm), James Godfrey (The Swap), and Kingston Foster.


From members of the same team that brought Teen Beach Movie and High School Musical to Disney Channel, ZOMBIES will be the latest song-and-dance-addition to the DCOM canon. The soundtrack will also be available from Walt Disney Records beginning Feb. 16.

Watch the exclusive trailer above for more.