And Lindsay Lohan wants to help!
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When The Comeback first arrived on HBO in 2005, it was a pitch-perfect send-up of reality TV even before reality TV took over culture. It featured protagonist Valerie Cherish (Lisa Kudrow) trying to recapture her former stardom (echoes of Kudrow and the Friends cast’s real-life struggles) with a reality-TV documentary. When the show returned for another season in 2014, it added critiques of dark prestige TV dramedies. Is yet another comeback still possible for The Comeback? Billy Eichner certainly hopes so.

“Who can I pay to make another season of The Comeback where Valerie Cherish gets ‘political’ and ‘woke?'” Eichner tweeted on late Thursday night. “Please. I’m begging you. I need it.”

He got a reply from a very unexpected corner. Actress Lindsay Lohan commented, “I’ll do it.” As a star in the mid-2000s, Lohan certainly experienced the whirlwind of multi-platform, reality-bending stardom that The Comeback has always savaged so sharply. It was enough to make Valerie Cherish herself, Lisa Kudrow, reply to both of them saying, “that’s interesting…”

Eichner’s question certainly seems like a plausible premise for the show — in an age where many celebrities are commenting more freely about politics, one could certainly imagine Valerie trying it as well to stay relevant. Time will only tell if this mythical season 3 of The Comeback will go the way of the Rihanna/Lupita Nyong’o/Ava DuVernay heist movie, and somehow evolve from a Twitter joke into an actual production.

Former Scandal star Dan Bucatinsky, who plays Valerie’s publicist Billy Stanton on The Comeback, also weighed in:

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