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The wait for Once Upon a Time‘s return is killing me! What do you know? — Derek
The Coven of Eight is not the only threat fans should be worried about in the back half of the season. “The Coven is part of it, but it’s not necessarily hopefully what you expect,” EP Adam Horowitz says. “It’s not just going straight up against them. There’s a twist to it and a threat that comes from another direction.” Here’s a giant clue from EP Edward Kitsis about that other threat: “There is an awake fairy tale character that is out for revenge and starts to exact it in Seattle against people who have no idea what they’re up against,” Kitsis says, noting that said character “has a very specific target.”

Anything on The Blacklist? — Lysa
Now that Liz is on a mission of revenge, it’s only a matter of time before she discovers the truth about Red’s semi-involvement in Tom’s fate — but Red isn’t necessarily worried about that. “I don’t think he’s feeling guilty about it,” James Spader says. “He certainly gave Tom plenty of fair warning and gave him exactly what might happen if he pursued this thing, but Tom was going to do what Tom was going to do. I think Reddington’s certainly at peace with that, but it does make it fraught.”

Spoilers on the 100th episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Ralph
Clark Gregg promises it will be quite the ride for long-time viewers. “Fans who hope that a 100th episode will contain something that will be a cataclysmic event or a gigantically resonate event for their feels after 100 episodes will not be disappointed,” he says. Make of that what you will.

Do you have anything on Frank for How to Get Away with Murder? — Mason
Just that he’s going to be struggling in the wake of Laurel’s elevator event considering he’s partially to blame after accidentally hitting her then-pregnant belly. “He’ll feel guilt about that if and when he finds out about it, but I think he just feels guilty in general for not staying with her and keeping her from showing up at the party and enabling this craziness,” EP Pete Nowalk says. “They all feel really stupid about that. I think Laurel is going to feel really bad about it, too.”

What do you have on This Is Us‘ return? — Freddie
This Is Us may be back from vacation — the six-week hiatus ends on Jan. 9 — but the Pearsons are going to take one in the winter premiere! Jack surprises his wife and young three kids by whisking them away to a cabin in the Poconos. Kate’s diet will be the focus — and the source of tension. Speaking of tension, things turn super intense in the current-day story as the family gathers in the wake of Kevin’s bottoming-out after a DUI arrest in the fall finale.

Hello! Any news on Jeanine Mason’s character on Grey’s Anatomy? She’s my favorite SYTYCD winner and I really want her character to be more than just DeLuca’s hookup. — thattookaturn
Sam and the odd (maybe borderline stalker or unhealthy?) relationship she has with DeLuca will definitely be featured a lot more when the show returns. “Sam and DeLuca were featured in the 300 episode in that way because I had a commitment to not only revisit the past, but move the show forward,” EP Krista Vernoff says. “I thought it was really important to say that the reason the show has gone on for 14 seasons is because we constantly reinvent and introduce new couples and new relationships. You may not be invested in this one yet, but that’s one of the major engines of the show is that constant evolution. I wanted to seed story for the future, but I’m not going to tell you what that story is. We’re having a lot of fun with Sam and DeLuca in the coming episodes.”

Give me something on the Runaways finale! — Marc
Facing off against their parents will be both physically and emotionally difficult. “For the kids, it really is the extreme amplification of that coming-of-age moment of confronting your parents about their flaws, their imperfections, their weaknesses, their darkness,” EP Stephanie Savage says. “It really becomes a redefinition of ‘What is a family?’ The kids are faced with a choice of returning to their families and living their lives safely or standing with each other and having to become each other’s new family.”

What’s the possibility of a Tasha and Patterson romance on Blindspot? — KT
First off, how did I not know about this ‘ship? Alas, I think Blindspot is more on track for Reade and Zapata to finally get together. “It’s difficult for her,” EP Martin Gero says of Tasha finally being confronted with her feelings for her partner. “In some ways, she had her chance last season when Reade kissed her. Now he’s in love, thinking about getting engaged. Zapata will find it hard to step right up and be like: ‘Look, I think I might love you.’ It’s a story that will evolve over the back half of the season.”

Do you know if SVU will be renewed for season 20? — Charlotte
While SVU has yet to be renewed, the powers that be aren’t planning for this to be the final season. “I am writing toward more,” EP Michael Chernuchin tells me. “I’m hoping that we break the record and go 21 seasons. I honestly don’t see why we can’t. I think we’re the most relevant show on television right now. We’ve been doing it for 19 years and we’re still relevant more than ever.”

What’s coming up on The Good Doctor? — Rupert
After Shaun’s disappearing act, he’ll set out on a road trip with his neighbor Lea, during which he’ll experience a number of firsts that’ll lead to a pretty huge revelation about his role in the hospital.

This week in TV: I spent my holiday hiatus watching screeners. I’m totally obsessed with Netflix’s Altered Carbon. Thought you should know.

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