Sean Spicer has come to the conclusion that pretty much everybody else came to long ago: He "royally" screwed up during his six months on the job as Donald Trump's press secretary.

In a Thursday interview with S.E. Cupp on CNN sister network HLN, Spicer was asked if he felt he maintained his credibility.

"There were times when I screwed up, there's no question about it," Spicer says during his hourlong exclusive sit-down.

Asked by Cupp to specify said screw-ups, Spicer noted the presidential inauguration last January.

"There was an event where I was trying to talk about how evil [President Bashar] al-Assad was, and I screwed that up royally," he said.

Helpfully added Cupp: "You brought up Hitler."

"Thank you for reminding me," grimaced Spicer.

Cupp is, of course, referring to Spicer's extraordinarily wrong claim that not even Hitler gassed his own people.

"Look, I'm a very self-critical person," Spicer continues. "I went out honestly every day trying to do the best job I could for the president of the United States who gave me an unbelievable honor, and to basically do the best job I could for American people … so when I screwed up, yeah, it felt really bad. You're tarnishing your personal reputation, your family's reputation, your friends who like you and support you, some of your colleagues, and ultimately this administration and the American people who I wanted to do my best for every single day."

Spicer certainly said that well, at least.

Check out the preview above. The full interview airs at 5 p.m. ET on HLN's SE Cupp Unfiltered.