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It’s time to start saying goodbye to our favorite loftmates (and their significant others).

On Thursday, Fox announced that New Girl will return for its seventh and final season in April. The premiere will jump forward three years in the future — but before we find out where the characters are now, let’s look back at where each couple was in this past April’s season 6 finale.

Winston & Aly (Lamorne Morris & Nasim Pedrad)

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Season 6 was a big one for Winston, both personally and romantically. He and Aly got engaged and moved in together, and in the season 6 finale, Aly helped Winston take his growth a step further: She tracked down his estranged father, Van, and found his telephone number. Initially, Winston is hesitant to reach out to the dad he’s never known, but he gets the courage to call and leave a message, ultimately telling his dad he’s “getting married to the most amazing woman in the world.”

Schmidt & Cece (Max Greenfield & Hannah Simone)

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In season 6 we finally learned Schmidt’s first name (it’s Winston!) and watched Cece begin a new career as a modeling agent. They also made the big decision to buy their own home and move out of the loft. In the season finale, Schmidt finds out Cece is pregnant before she does, and surprises her with a house full of flowers and the good news in a sweet and tearful moment — for them and for us!

Nick & Jess (Jake Johnson & Zooey Deschanel)

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Although in season 6 Jess got her dream job as a principal and Nick’s career as an author finally began to take off, it was romantically messy for both of them: Jess had a disastrous (and accidentally incestuous!) relationship with Robby (Nelson Franklin) before realizing she still had feelings for Nick, but Nick was still adjusting to his relationship with Reagan (Megan Fox). After Nick and Reagan broke up, Jess is prepared to tell Nick how she feels, but of course, things don’t go quite as she planned. After a finale’s worth of missed connections and miscommunications — with Jess almost moving out of the loft — the pair finally come back to each other, sharing a kiss in the loft elevator, set to Lorde’s exuberant “Green Light.”

New Girl returns to Fox on April 10 at 9:30 p.m. ET.

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