Matthew Lewis has become so synonymous with the phenomenon of going through puberty and then becoming a babe that “Neville Longbottoming” as a verb as become a fully viable slang term. And now, you can catch a glimpse of the man himself — shirtless and sporting excellent Hugh Grant hair — in the trailer for Girlfriends, a new 6-part series on British network ITV starring Miranda Richardson.

Note that this show isn’t airing yet in the States, so unless you’re reading this from across the pond, you probably are going to have to stick to Tumblr for the majority of your shirtless Matthew Lewis needs. Girlfriends also stars Phyllis Logan, Zoë Wanamaker, Anthony and Daisy Head, Chris Fountain, Valerie Lilley, Adrian Rawlins, and Paula Wilcox. New episodes of the show, which debuted Jan. 3, air Wednesdays on ITV.

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