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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from the midseason premiere of The Blacklist. Read at your own risk!

Liz Keen will stop at nothing to get vengeance for Tom Keen’s death.

Though Liz (Megan Boone) initially tried to run away from her old life by leaving Agnes with Scottie (Famke Janssen) and moving to Alaska under an assumed name during The Blacklist midseason premiere, she was basically dragged back in after a trio of organized crime members came to kill a man in witness protection near her cabin.

After all but slaughtering every single one of them, Liz returned home with a renewed sense of purpose: To get revenge on whoever is responsible for the death of her husband. Just how dark will Liz go? EW turned to Boone to get the scoop on what’s ahead.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Now that Liz is back, what’s her next move in trying to find Tom’s killer?
MEGAN BOONE: Well, what I can tease about the 100th episode after she comes back from unleashing this really sadistic, aggressive part of herself is, she actually starts to employ some of the tactics of previous blacklisters. Some of the darkest methods that she’s learned throughout the course of the series, she starts to employ in order to take down the people responsible for Tom’s death. You can see a bit of an homage to past blacklisters as we approach episode 100.

How dark will Liz get?
You’ve seen Liz be the moral compass of the show for a long time. She definitely really passes the baton on that. A lot of those characters, really, have turned a corner. You see it with Ressler, and how he’s got a lot of gray area morally now. I think they all can’t deal in these darker environments without taking on some of it. That’s what we see happen to the ensemble.

Can you tease how different the Post Office is once she returns?
The thing that stands out that is the most different for her is that she doesn’t feel accountable to them anymore. She has a very clear focus and it only involves them when they are of use to her. That’s surprising because she’s been very dedicated to them for a very long time. What she does do is, she tries to make sure that their work is able to maintain. She gets Red to commit to continue taking down blacklisters with the task force even in her absence.

She’s in the dark right now in terms of why Tom really died and the suitcase, but it feels like only a matter of time before Liz discovers the truth. How will she handle that? Might she blame Red for Tom’s death?
I can’t assume, because I don’t really know where that story line is headed, but I could see that there’s high potential for that outcome.

Liz basically gives up Agnes for the time being. Might she come to regret that decision?
She regrets having to make the decision even before she makes it. Ultimately, Liz believes this is the best decision for her child, so she’s not going to waver. But she ultimately regrets, and has always regretted, that she lives a life where there’s no normalcy and there’s no real way to keep her ideal life intact. Ultimately, now it’s about her child, everything is about her child. What she’s doing is about trying to create a safe world where her child can live.

But in doing so, could she become one of the monsters that she’s hunting?
That’s exactly what happens. You’re watching Liz take the same course that Red took. Red abandoned Liz as a child — Liz never knew her father or her mother — and now she’s discovered that Red is her father, so Liz is taking the same steps that Red took, so we’re seeing her go down the same path. Whether or not that means she’ll reenter Agnes’ life in a similar manner later on as this mysterious woman, “Why is she so interested in me?” yada, yada, or if she’ll be able to get a grip on her life and see herself going down this path and choose something different for herself, that remains to be seen.

With Liz now in the know about Red and the show hitting 100 episodes, do you feel like you’re coming to the end of Liz’s journey? Or do you feel like there’s a lot more story to tell?
I think the writers have set up opportunities for themselves to continue the story for a very long time. The ultimate goal was to have a very long-running series where the story has potential to go in many, many different directions and does. Ultimately, with television, it’s really not up to the creatives as to the life of the show. It’s up to the audience. I’m along for the ride. I’m happy to contribute as much as I can to it. We’ll see where it takes us. They haven’t announced season 6 yet, but we’ll see.

We know Red is still keeping one last major secret from Liz. What’s the craziest theory you’ve heard over the years as to who Red could be to Liz?
Someone once asked me if Red was her mother. Oh, that was you. Yeah, that’s the craziest. The one you said, that’s the craziest I’ve ever heard.

The Blacklist airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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