After 15 years, we’ve come to expect certain things from America’s Next Top Model: sky-high wigs, censoring of the male nipple, crying, “deeply rooted psychological warfare,” spiders, female empowerment… you know, the staples of the fashion industry. Thankfully, the latest extended trailer for the show’s upcoming 24th cycle promises to keep up with the show’s time-tested tradition of blending bonkers reality TV goodness with bonafide couture pizzazz.

“This is the most diverse group we’ve ever had,” Banks, returning to the show as head judge for the first time since 2015, says in EW’s exclusive cycle 24 preview above. “Every shape, every size, every color!”

Subsequent footage teases potential story lines for the season ahead, including those of Jeana, a 24-year-old living with alopecia, 20-year-old Kyla (fond of middle fingers, judging by the clip), and 34-year-old Christina, a purveyor of climbing stairs while telling “each and every one” of her fellow competitors to “stay away” from her.

“There’s also a disparity of maturity, where there might be some girls twerking in the living room and the older model is over there thinking, what the hell is that, what’s going on with this twerk contest?” Banks previously told EW of the new cycle, which removed the 27-year age limit for contestants for the first time in the show’s history. “I’m always trying to break the mold of what is considered beautiful, and you’ll see different things and different types of girls that you haven’t seen before on Top Model, in terms of physicality.”

Tune in to ANTM cycle 24 when it premieres Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 8 p.m. ET on VH1. Watch EW’s exclusive trailer for the new season above, head here for our exclusive cast preview, and here for Banks’ full season preview.

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