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Some Amazon viewers totally missed the point of Amazon Prime Video’s Rose Parade parody with Will Ferrell and Molly Shannon — namely that it was a parody.

The Saturday Night Live veterans portrayed health and fitness expert Cord Hosenbeck (Ferrell) and L.A. Law alum Tish Cattigan (Shannon). Both were promoted as the hosts of the platform’s live broadcast of the 2018 Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. If some missed the fact that these comedians were going by different names or that Ferrell was donning a bald cap for his character, there was still the fact that the spoof masters at Funny or Die were producing the affair.

Based on one- and two-star reviews cataloged in Amazon’s comment section, however, there were some people who thought Cord and Tish were actual anchors who were bad at their jobs — and they proceeded to get angry.

“Terrible,” a user named Richard wrote. “Sophomoric. Inane banter. Switched to network coverage after 10 minutes. Amazon sure blew this one.”

“The inane conversation, the totally inappropriate comments about the floats and officials, and the extremely poor coverage of the actual parade were very disappointing,” another remarked. “I guess I was expecting something like HGTV’s coverage….watching this live stream we missed several of the more interesting floats because the commentators were babbling about nonsense… never again will I watch the parade on Amazon…very, very, very disappointed!”

In lieu of traditional parade coverage, Ferrell and Shannon’s personas would instead default to such moments as man-on-the-ground Tim Meadows (Mean Girls) and his 2018 resolutions.

“I think for 2018 I’m just gonna let the world fall apart like it seems to be doing,” Meadows said with deadpan delivery (shown in the video above). “You know, racism and class warfare are tearing us apart, and I don’t see a way out of it. So, more than likely, I’ll just head off to my bunker and hope my food supply lasts.”

In another clip, Cord and Tish trash the production crew and complain about traffic as the credits roll.

To be fair, some viewers gave the broadcast a critical response because they knew it was a parody but just didn’t find it funny. Others knew it was a parody and gave poor ratings seemingly to play along with the ruse.

“Cord will forever be tarnished by the incident that took place in 2007. You sit on a throne of lies, Cord,” a user named Anthony wrote.

But then there were some other commenters like this one: “Horrible. I wanted to hear one of the local bands, but the unfunny hoses were babbling some nonsense about omega-3s and salmon…what? It wasn’t funny, it was idiots babbling to hear themselves talk. Who are these hosts? Even more telling, when the pony rescue came by dressed in steampunk style, they made fun of them and said ‘What’s steampunk? I have no idea and am not sure I want to know.’ Really? How out of touch are these unfunny fossils?”