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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Marvel’s Runaways. Read at your own risk!

Pride’s ultimate goal was finally revealed during the penultimate episode of Marvel’s Runaways — but it was beyond even their understanding.

When Jonah (Julian McMahon) initially enlisted the members of Pride, he had told them they’d be digging for a renewable energy source. But before their untimely deaths, the Hernandez parents had discovered that disturbing the dig site could cause a series of catastrophic events that could basically destroy the world. Is that really Jonah’s plan? Or is there something more sinister going on in that hole?

“Absolutely,” executive producer Josh Schwartz tells EW. “There’s something down there that’s incredibly valuable to Jonah, and if the cost of getting it is California breaks off into the ocean, so be it. He’s playing on a bigger field.”

Viewers also learned via flashback that because the Hernadezes had planned to basically defect from Pride and prevent potential catastrophe, Leslie (Annie Wersching) locked them in their lab with a bomb and killed them. “Leslie was caught up in this very complicated and overwhelming relationship with Jonah, and really sees herself as his No. 1 soldier,” executive producer Stephanie Savage says. “She felt that she was doing something where the benefit outweighed the cost in the moment. Obviously later she can have different feelings about that, and that’s something we’re going to see as we get to the end of the season.”

However, Molly (Allegra Acosta) survived the explosion as a child after touching the mysterious rocks they found at the dig site, which gave the youngest Runaway her powers — it’s for that very reason that Molly could be in even more danger in the future. “The hole, the rocks, the box, Jonah’s power, they’re all connected,” Savage says. “So anyone whose superpowers come from the rocks is going to face some complications at some point.”

Back in the present, the kids set out to stop the machine, but their parents were hot on their trail. That’s because Jonah revealed that the children have known the truth for weeks now, working against their parents after witnessing the sacrifice. How did he find out? Frank told him everything Karolina had confided in her father! However, before comic book devotees think the show has put a twist on the source material, Karolina isn’t technically a traitor. “The Karolina story is not the mole story or a substitute for the mole story,” Schwartz says. “When she went to Frank, he’s not a member of Pride. She had every reason to believe him. When we get to that mole story, it will be somebody in the group who is more actively going against the will of the group to be the mole. This is Karolina recruiting what seems to be the one innocent parent in the whole group.”

The season 1 finale of Marvel’s Runaways will be released next Tuesday on Hulu.

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