Mariah Carey returned to the New Year’s Eve stage on Sunday night, one year after her infamous performance fail, and had a simple request: some hot tea.

Carey first hit the Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve stage with a rendition of “Vision of Love,” and things appeared to be going smoothly. But as she was preparing for her next song, “Hero,” Carey decided to take a much needed hot beverage break — there was only one problem.

“They told me there would be tea,” Carey explained to the crowd, who braved arctic tempertures that plunged into the single digits in New York’s Times Square. The singer ultimately deciding that she could “rough it” and join everyone else who struggled through without a fresh hot beverage. Naturally, Twitter had some thoughts on the moment.

But don’t worry: Mariah Carey got her tea after all.

Last year, Carey was roundly mocked for her New Year’s Eve performance, which turned into a live television fiasco after Carey couldn’t hear playback music through her ear pieces and didn’t complete her full performance.