While MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson and CNBC’s Ylan Mui were discussing how the GOP tax bill could affect the IRS, the real action was happening in the background. Three people dressed up in inflatable T-rex costumes crashed the live segment, though it seemed neither journalist noticed.

The odd scene began when two of the T-rex casually strolled behind Jackson’s head, and they quickly started sparring as only inflatable T-rex can. The movement drew the attention of a third inflatable T-rex, who charged towards the fray.

Leo Ruiz, a news producer from Boston, was one of the first to capture the shenanigans behind the segment. MSNBC then released its own version on social media.

“That moment when 3 T-rexes crash @HallieJackson’s live shot,” the network tweeted.

“At least it wasn’t gators,” Jackson wrote in response.

Watch the scene go down in the clip above.