By Nick Romano
December 27, 2017 at 09:28 AM EST
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Every once in a while, a children’s cartoon strikes an emotional chord that affects even adult viewers. Every once in a while, those cartoons become the inspiration for equally affecting dance routines.

Cartoon Network transformed ballerina Juliet Doherty into a live-action Pearl from Steven Universe to perform a dance inspired by the episode “Mr. Greg.” Doherty, who choreographed the ballet performance, is shown moving to the voice of Deedee Magno Hall (the voice of Pearl), who sings “It’s Over, Isn’t It.”

This song about love and loss is performed in “Mr. Greg” when Steven and his father, Greg, are sleeping. With the room seemingly to herself, Pearl, dressed in a tuxedo, bares her heart in singing about her love for Rose Quartz and the man Rose chose over Pearl. As she twirls and leaps across the balcony, Steven and Greg wake up to witness this honest moment.

“You won, and she chose you, and she loved you, and she’s gone/ It’s over, isn’t it? Why can’t I move on?” Pearl sings.

Watch both the original scene from Steven Universe and the ballet routine above.

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