Think Peaky Blinders writer and creator Steven Knight was messing around when he informed Deadline earlier this year that he had been approached about turning his period crime show into a stage musical? Then the joke is on you. Knight tells EW that he is actively working to make that happen.

“There’s talk of a Peaky musical, which is actually gaining a huge amount of traction,” he says. “I’ve got to write it first. I’ll get someone who knows what they’re doing [to write the songs]. I would write the book. I am writing the book.”

And how is that going?

“It’s great!” he says. “I like to do things I haven’t done before — because why not? You’ve got to keep moving.”

Knight is moving plenty at the moment. He recently directed, and is currently editing, the film Serenity, a thriller-drama starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, and is also writing season 2 of the FX show, Taboo. In the not too distant future, his attention will turn to season 5 of Peaky Blinders, whose fourth run of shows is now available to watch on Netflix.

“I haven’t started writing it yet, but I know what it’s going to be about, who is going to be the main baddie,” says Knight. “It will be set around 1929, 1930, and it [is] set up in the last ten minutes of episode 6, season 4.”

Watch the original UK trailer for Peaky Blinders season 4, above.