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What do you have on The Gifted? — Catherine
When the show returns, Polaris experiences some surprising side effects from her pregnancy — and when she does, comic-book devotees should be able to spot a visual homage to a signature flourish from legendary X-Men artist Jack Kirby. The return hour has a number of other visual and canonical Easter eggs for the fans, and if viewers tweet their Easter egg finds to @GiftedTVWriters during the Jan. 1 broadcast, they promise some mutant Twitter love for the viewer with the sharpest eyes.

Have any New Girl scoop? — Anna
You may have heard that there will be a roughly three-year time jump when the show picks back up — and trust me when I tell you that a lot has happened in that intervening time. In fact, we’ll quickly see the funeral for the death of a beloved character that will bring back many familiar faces from the past six seasons. (But don’t worry, in typical New Girl fashion, the service will be more hilariously heartfelt than heart-tugging.)

Molly’s not really gone on Marvel’s Runaways, right? — Percy
Let me toss this one to EP Josh Schwartz: “Nope, that’s the end of Molly, you’ll never see Molly again. It was a hell of a run with Allegra [Acosta], we wish her the best.” Relax! He’s kidding. We’ll see Molly again, but her temporary exit serves as a warning to the others. “It’ll make the threat very real to the rest of the Runaways,” Schwartz says. “They’re going to know that Molly gets sent off in the middle of the night, that the pressure is mounting, tensions are rising and the noose is tightening.”

Anything Fresh Off the Boat? — Dana
Here’s some fresh scoop (see what I did there?): The ABC comedy returns Jan. 2 with two big-name guest stars. Cheryl Hines appears as Faye, Honey’s mother, a conservative woman who is opinionated about her daughter’s choices. When she comes to Orlando to help her daughter prepare for her baby, Honey enlists Jessica’s help to buffer against Faye’s meddling and controlling nature. Also, Niecy Nash will appear as Wilhelmina, a “child sage” who teaches a parenting class based on New Age philosophies. She’s calm and centered with an awkward sense of humor. I’d put good money on these two roles being connected.

Who the heck is Clem on Blindspot? — Rona
This mysterious ally of Jane’s has now been mentioned twice, but we’ve yet to meet him — and don’t expect to meet him until the new year. “Clem was obviously someone Jane worked with during the two-year time gap,” EP Martin Gero explains. “He will play a pivotal role in the back half of the season.”

What can you tease for Once Upon a Time? — Kara
Regina is going to need all the help she can get, hence Zelena will basically be forced to come back to Hyperion Heights with her. “The drive for the back half of the season is for Zelena and Regina to figure out the way to save Lucy, save Henry’s poisoned heart and break the curse,” EP Edward Kitsis teases. But upon their return to town, viewers will discover an interesting tidbit about the sisters’ past cursed feud, which you can spot in a blink-and-you’ll-miss it scene in the promo for the show’s return.

I will take anything 12 Monkeys for the final season! — Brittany
Remember last season’s amazing rendition of “99 Luftballons”? Well, wait until you see what the final season has in store. I’ll just tease that Emily Hampshire (with EP Terry Matalas and British composer Stephen Barton) actually recorded a song for the final season at Abbey Road — yes, the Abbey Road. As for how it fits into the story, honestly, even if I described the scene in question, you wouldn’t believe me. That’s how delightfully crazy it is.

Anything on The Blacklist? — Nancy
It should come as no surprise that Liz Keen is out for blood in the wake of Tom’s death, which will send her down a dark path when the show returns. “She’s really driven by this anger and resentment and yes, she wants revenge for the people who ruined her family,” Megan Boone says. “That’s the only thing that gets her up in the morning and it’s what drives her through the day. I don’t really think that there’s any going back from that.”

What’s next for Annalise on How to Get Away with Murder? — Don
Now that she knows the truth about who killed Wes, Annalise’s redemption tour may be put on hold. “She was really trying to live her life in a controlled, righteous way — the class action, not drinking, going to therapy — and this throws it all for a loop because she’s finding out that Jorge killed Wes, this boy she thought of as her son, so I think she’s going to really be pulled in two directions,” EP Pete Nowalk says. “It’s going to be really fun to see her struggle between her angel and her devil.”

Do you have Chicago Fire scoop? — Daniela
Here’s a little tidbit to tide you over until the New Year: “Boden and Casey are going to share a lot more screen time in the rest of the season as Casey contemplates moving his office to the end of the hall like Boden,” executive producer Derek Haas tells me.

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