This interview made Fallon go 'Brrrr!'

By Nick Romano
December 21, 2017 at 08:05 AM EST

Admittedly, it doesn’t take a whole lot to make Jimmy Fallon laugh. Breaking was his thing on Saturday Night Live and it’s his thing on The Tonight Show. But the late-night host could not keep it together during his chat with Cardi B on Wednesday night. Their interview was so gloriously funny that it might rival that great “Jennifer Lawrence interviews Kim Kardashian” moment from earlier this year.

The hysterics began right off the bat when Cardi B answered her first question with her trademark “zing” sound effects. Fallon then cracked up more when he asked the rapper how she got her name.

“My name come from, you know what, my sister name is Hennessy. You know what I’m sayin’, my sister name is Hennessy, right? So everybody used to call me Bacardi,” Cardi B explained. “So I always called myself Bacardi, right? And then it was my Instagram name — Bacardi, Bacardi B — but for some reason, my Instagram kept getting deleted, and I think it was [the brand] Bacardi that had something to do with it. So I just turned it to Cardi B.”

Fallon tried to keep his composure, even dipping to take a swig from his coffee mug. But he kept it together until he asked about Cardi B’s holiday plans and her vow to not by gifts for any adults this year.

“Because, you wanna know something, everybody that I know got kids and that’s just a lot of kids,” she said. “And I got new God-kids out of nowhere. You know, once you start making money everybody want you to be their kids’ godmother or somethin’.”

Fallon then latched onto his desk when Cari B’s reaction to her engagement ring sent him into a fit of giggles. Offset of the rap trio Migos surprised the “Bodak Yellow” rapper with a $500,000 engagement ring on stage at a concert.

The hip-hop star explained how it all went down. “He always used to tell me, ‘I’m gonna marry you, I’m gonna marry you,’ and it’s just like mmm, it’s the right thing to do,” she said — another moment that cracked up Fallon. “But I didn’t know, I know he was gonna get me a very expensive gift because he wasn’t there for my birthday, but I thought he was gonna get me like a watch or something’. Anyway, he just went out his way, okrrrr!”

You wanna know something? The interview got better from there.

Watch above.

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