Democratic Senator-elect Doug Jones of Alabama, who pulled off a stunning upset over far-right firebrand Roy Moore in a special election last week, broke with some of his fellow party members in a CNN interview Sunday and said he doesn’t think President Trump should resign over allegations of past sexual harassment.

“Those allegations were made before the election, and so people had an opportunity to judge before that election,” Jones told Jake CNN’s Tapper. “I think we need to move on and not get distracted by those issues. Let’s get on with the real issues that are facing people in this country right now.”

He added, “I don’t think the president ought to resign at this point. We’ll see how things go, but certainly those allegations are not new and he was elected with those allegations front and center.”

More than a dozen women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, and three of the accusers renewed their allegations last week on Megyn Kelly Today. A fourth accuser also joined them at a news conference later in the day.

In the CNN interview Sunday, Tapper asked Jones why Democratic Senator Al Franken of Minnesota should resign if there are “even more horrific allegations about President Trump and no one is calling for him to step down.”

Jones reiterated the notion that “the American people spoke on that at this time.”

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