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It came with the hashtag #drownforourjobs.

Caitriona Balfe, last seen waking up on an American beach in Sunday’s finale of Outlander, posted one last photo from season 3 to help ease the show’s rabid fans into Droughtlander.

The shot was obviously taken while Balfe and her costar, Sam Heughan, depict the moment when their characters realize they survived a massive storm aboard the Artemis. The scenes involved lots and lots of water, and an ability to hold one’s breath for an extended period of (filming) time.

“Sam and I take our work very very seriously,” she wrote.

They had these water cannons,” Balfe told EW. “I think each of them held a couple gallons of water.”

Plus there was a side cannon,” added Heughan. “It was like a ton of water that dropped on us. And there are two wind machines with V-8 engines.”

“It was quite intense,” continued Balfe. “We took about three days to film that. There’s so much water and everything. When we were actually in it, none of us could hear a thing. We were sort of supposed to shout at each other and do lines and you can barely breathe. But it was a really cool and extravagant setup. It was very ambitious. I think we were all just really excited to be able to do something that was on such a large scale.”

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Credit: David Bloomer/Starz

The finale attracted 1.43 million viewers and 1.85 million for the night. Overall, it was a good year for the drama. According to the latest Nielsen stats provided by Starz, Outlander‘s multi-platform total for season 3 (through episode 309) averaged 5.7 million viewers per episode, up from season 2’s 5.1 million viewers.

The show didn’t go unnoticed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Just this week, Balfe earned her third Golden Globe nomination for playing Claire Fraser.

The fourth season of Outlander, which is currently filming in Scotland, is expected to premiere next fall. You can find some early scoop here and here.

And what about a fifth season? You’ll find some promising news here.

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Outlander Season 4 2018

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