Would you like to see a highly unauthorized meeting between Donald Trump and Robert Mueller?

In a new short released by The Simpsons, the special counsel — who is leading the investigation into the possibility of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia to interfere in the 2016 presidential election — is whisked away by Jeff Sessions to the Trump hotel, where he is pushed into a room with the President of the United States. Trump assures Mueller that he’s not going to fire him before literally showering him with $750 million in cash, bragging, “Huge bribe, there’s never been a bigger one, I do the best bribes, everyone says so.” Mueller tries to read him his rights, and when that does not go well, he leaves the room. When a housekeeper shows up, Trump also bails, and she peels off her uniform to reveal that she’s actually San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. “Finally, Puerto Rico catches a break,” she says, as she vacuums up the money.

Several alarming statistics are flashed on the screen about the U.S. commonwealth that was ravaged by Hurricane Maria in September, with the names of relief organizations listed. Much of the island still lacks drinking water, and a third of it is without electricity.

The Simpsons also advocated for Puerto Rico relief at the end of the season 29 premiere.

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