Pete Holmes (the character) is being corrupted. For example, in the season 2 trailer for HBO’s Crashing, premiering exclusively here, the innocent comedian has sex — sorry, makes love. See? Corrupted.

“I know sex is a casual thing to some people,” he tells his hook-up buddy. “You’re the second person in my entire life I’ve ever made love to!” Soon, she’s pushing him out the apartment, and he’s saying, “I love you.”

The comedy is partly based on Holmes’ real life and follows the main character as he figures out what to do after his wife ends their marriage. This led to many uncomfortable, hilarious situations in the wonderful first season, and there appears to be no shortage in the second.

Exhibit B: In addition to having meaningless sex, he also seems to get stoned, evidenced by his interaction with Dr. Oz. “I know you’re high,” he tells a visibly freaked-out Pete. “I’m Dr. Oz.” His hunch is confirmed when he reveals he’s wearing a suit that mimics human anatomy. “I bet you are freaking out right now because you are so high,” Dr. Oz says. “It’s a bit much,” Pete responds, squirming.

And Pete’s also grappling with the existence of God, a big thing, especially given that he got baptized at the end of last season.

See this and more go down in the trailer above. Crashing returns to HBO on Jan. 14 at 10:30 p.m.

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