Jesus Christ can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. But in a new clip from Sarah Silverman’s Hulu show I Love You, America, he’s portrayed as never before: a liberal, sandwich-loving dude played by Fred Armisen. Oh, and he pairs his white robes with a House baseball cap.

“I’m sorry for people who use your name to do really un-Jesus-y things,” Silverman tells Jesus in the sketch. From there, she asks him some questions on some relevant issues, like abortion and healthcare.

“If someone’s sick, you take care of them,” Jesus responds, matter-of-factly. “Oh, right, but this is the country where if you’re poor, you die if you’re sick. What a great way to treat someone… not!” (Jesus makes sure Silverman knows that last part is a Wayne’s World reference because Jesus is a Cool Guy.)

This Jesus also thinks the NFL’s kneeling protest is “a beautiful way to get your voice heard,” offers some encouraging words from his therapist, and turns his water into Coke Zero. Jesus, he’s just like us!

Watch the full clip, premiering exclusively here, above. New episodes of I Love You, America debut on Hulu Thursday nights.