The DiMeos are a unique family in more ways than one. That’s what makes Taylor’s acceptance of Ray and his family all the more sweet. But there’s one thing that could upset their blissful partnership: Taylor’s mom, Melanie (played by guest star Sarah Chalke).

Ray (Mason Cook) is infatuated with Taylor (Sedona James) — and apparently her mother, who makes an appearance in Wednesday’s episode, “S-I– SILENT N-I– NIGHT.” In the exclusive clip seen above, she appears to be the perfect mother (as her apron suggests), baking the perfect holiday cookies for her children. Things are going great for Ray. That is, until Melanie decides she wants to meet the DiMeos. The prospect of this parental meeting even throws Taylor for a loop.

Based on what we know of Maya (Minnie Driver), there’s a good chance she’ll feel threatened by this picture-perfect mother.

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