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Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Marvel’s Runaways. Read at your own risk!

Yes, Marvel’s Runaways is going there.

While the comics only hinted at this storyline, the Hulu series is diving headfirst into Karolina’s (Virginia Gardner) feelings for Nico (Lyrica Okano). Teased since the show’s debut, the truth really came to a head this week while the duo got ready for the Pride gala together. After an entire montage of furtive glances and the occasional lingering touch, Karolina was ready to admit her feelings for Nico, but was unfortunately interrupted. However, EW can confirm that the show will be exploring this potential romance in coming episodes. EW sat down with Gardner and Okano on set to get their take on this coupling:

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It seems clear that Karolina has feelings for Nico.
VIRGINIA GARDNER: She kind of realizes what her real desires are, one of them being, as we find out later on in the season—
GARDNER: Nico. So fans will be very happy to see that this happens.

So the show will be exploring a potential romance?
GARDNER: Oh, it’s happening. There’s definitely some love triangles, but it’s happening.
OKANO: Josh [Schwartz] and Stephanie [Savage] are very giving people, and they know exactly what you guys want.
GARDNER: I think fans will be really excited.
OKANO: We were very, very excited.
GARDNER: We were excited because we read the comics, and we’re like, “God, I really hope that they happen,” and we’re happy.
OKANO: We’ve been pushing for this.

Talk about the evolution of getting to that point this season.
GARDNER: I think for Karolina, she doesn’t realize that’s how she feels at the beginning of this because the six of them have all lost touch, and we reconnect, and then I meet Destiny, the runaway in the pilot, and she says some stuff about running awa, and having freedom and rebelling that plants something in me that’s like, “Oh, maybe I can try to be my own person now and not just please my parents.” Then, as time goes on, I experiment with Chase a little bit, and I’m kind of like, “Oh, that didn’t really make me happy, and I’ve always been really drawn to Nico,” and then shortly after that, I realize like, “Oh, Chase isn’t what I want. Nico is who I want, and I’m in love with Nico, and I’m not afraid to honor that now.”

And what about Nico’s journey?
OKANO: Nico was very much apart from all of her other friends, more so because she was the one who was very keen on isolating herself from the others. But then Alex made himself available to her from the very beginning, and she’s always had a crush on Alex, and Alex has always had a crush on Nico. So it’s very convenient, they care for each other a lot. But then something happens which causes Nico to sort of distrust Alex once again, and that is when Karolina pops up and is like, “Hey, girl, this is how I be feeling, and do you feel the same way?” And I’m like, “I don’t know, but let’s play around with this.”
GARDNER: Yeah, “Let’s try.”
OKANO: “Let’s try this.”

A new episode of Marvel’s Runaways will be released Tuesdays on Hulu. Read our postmortem about the LGBT reveal with the Runaways bosses here.

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