'You f--ing traumatized me,' Jones said to Franco

On Saturday’s SNL hosted by James Franco, Leslie Jones looked genuinely disgusted and on the verge of vomiting during a sketch where Franco played a Bloomingdale’s gift-wrapper who obliviously bleeds on customers after suffering a deep paper cut. And in an Instagram video posted Sunday with Franco by her side, Jones confirmed as much: She was unnervingly close to an awful national embarrassment.

“You f–ing traumatized me!” Jones yelled, jokingly, at a smiling Franco. “Some blood went in your mouth, or something?” he then asked, knowingly. Jones subsequently recounted what happened when Franco started bleeding on Jones relentlessly in the live sketch, sparing no detail.

“Some blood went in my mouth and then I threw up in my mouth, and I had to swallow it so I wouldn’t throw up on national f–king live TV!” she admitted. Franco could only smile, proudly, in response: “My favorite sketch ever.”

Franco costarred in “Gift Wrap” with Kate McKinnon. Franco’s “nuts for Christmas” employee didn’t let a small paper cut interrupt his duties, at the expense of a sanitary atmosphere and his customers’ clean clothes. The sketch gradually drifted into absurdity, with entire fingers and limbs being chopped off and the blood gushing at a faster rate. By the end of the sketch, McKinnon could hardly keep a straight face.

Jones, for her part, entered midway through with a toy in hand ready to be wrapped. The actress was noticeably taken aback by the amount of fake blood that went her way, and if you watch closely, you can see the moment when she was, ahem, holding back.

Nonetheless, the SNL castmember was in good spirits about it all after the fact. As she captioned her Instagram video: “This man almost made me puke on national television!! Lmao we had a good time with James Franco!!”

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