Spoiler alert: This post contains plot details from the Dec. 12 episode of Kevin (Probably) Saves the World.

It finally happened: Kevin found another righteous soul. In the midseason finale of Kevin (Probably) Saves the World, Kevin and Yvette traveled to Laos to find out that Yvette has been right all along. However, another righteous soul wasn’t the only thing they discovered in Laos. There was that whole Yvette-Tyler flirtation, and let’s not forget everything happening back home with Amy and Nate.

EW spoke with Kevin showrunners Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters about the hour and what comes next.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: I did not expect the righteous soul to be a newborn baby. Was that always the plan?
TARA BUTTERS: [It was] very early on. Someone had pitched the idea of a pregnant woman…

MICHELE FAZEKAS: Initially we had talked about, “Oh, maybe it’s the pregnant woman.” And then we said no. I think we did it as a way to hide the ball. We didn’t want it to be obvious who it was.

BUTTERS: I like where Kevin gets to before the baby’s born. That’s when he’s all in — he’s all in for just changing his point of view.

FAZEKAS: It’s about the journey. He’s like, “Even if I never find another righteous person, I’m just doing this because I want to, not because I have to.”

BUTTERS: It was a nice thing for him to get to emotionally before he actually has the win.

Does finding this first righteous soul essentially set things in motion?
BUTTERS: Yeah, we sort of wanted to get people used to the idea of him helping people and it adding up to something, and now that we’ve established what he’s doing and how he does it, it allows us a little more freedom to mix it up. And it won’t take nine episodes to get to the next [righteous soul].

I have a feeling Tyler isn’t just going to drop his love for Yvette.
FAZEKAS: You’re not wrong. That actually starts a little story that spans multiple episodes in a way that is maybe unexpected. Somebody like Tyler is of course going to fall for a celestial being because he’s such a pure soul. It makes perfect sense. But now this complicates things for Yvette, it complicates things for Kevin, and the more they try and fix it, the worse it gets. It will have interesting complications moving forward.

As we meet other righteous souls, will we follow their stories at all? Might they become recurring characters?
FAZEKAS: We haven’t planned on that. And it’s not to say that that won’t happen down the line, but so far, it’s that they’re now anointed and they’re righteous and they get their own, for lack of a better word, guardian angel. But the stories that we tell are still through Kevin.

Now that Amy’s taken off her wedding ring, are we delving more into things with her and Nate?
BUTTERS: The nice thing is this episode touches on a bunch of big stories that we’ll follow up with in January, and one of those is the progression of Nate and Amy’s relationship, and then there’s the whole Yvette-Tyler-Kevin story line. A lot of our personal stories are started with episode 9. I’m really excited about the stories that we have coming up.

FAZEKAS: The more episodes we do, the richer these characters get. And it’s not the last time we’ll see Will Sasso.

BUTTERS: Our entire cast only gets better and better with every episode. They’re up for everything.

FAZEKAS: We got asked, “Is it a mandate that Jason [Ritter] has to be naked in an episode?” It’s not.

BUTTERS: It does happen a lot. [Both laugh]

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