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Dragons, queens, Jedis, and even Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson have strong fandoms but none quite as strong as Buckeye fanatics.

FanSided has released a list of the most powerful culture fanbases of 2017, with college football Ohio State Buckeye fans landing at the top of the list. Game of Thrones, The Rock, Star Wars, and Connor McGregor trail behind for the top 5 spots.

Unlike last year, FanSided opened up the Fandom 250 categories to reader’s choice, allowing fans to vote for their favorite fanbase. The list also takes into account several factors to measure a fanbase like “longevity, worth, size, social interaction, buzz factor, and, of course, passion.”

“We place a lot of weight on buzz so the fandom having a strong year as part of the conversation is an important factor to determining the rankings. The most important factor our editors consider is what we call the passion barometer,”FanSided VP of content, Patrick Allen, said in a statement. “The quality of fandom is just as important to us as longevity and size. There are many great fandoms that are small and passionate and we try to shine a light on them with our rankings as well.”

Coming in at No. 6 is streaming service and brand, Netflix, followed by Beyoncé, The University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Taylor Swift.

FanSided also ranks the top fanbases in categories like celebrities, music, gaming, and internet fame. See the full list here.

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