Oh, Mylanta, big things are happening in the second half of Fuller House‘s third season.

The Netflix series just released a trailer teasing the new set of episodes, which will see the entire crew heading to Tokyo for Steve’s wedding to… CJ. But maybe that wedding won’t happen: The first half of the season concluded with DJ saying she wishes she had chosen Steve, that she feels like she’s lost her soulmate. She’s on the flight to Tokyo wearing an eye mask, so she thinks she’s talking to seatmate Kimmy, but, surprise, it’s actually Steve himself to whom she’s revealing all this. Yikes!

The trailer sees Matt kneeling down before DJ ready to propose as Steve watches on through some bushes, and later, she jumps off a waterfall with a panicked Steve watching. Watch the whole clip — which also includes original Full House residents Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier — above, and see part 2 of season 3 when it arrives on Netflix Dec. 22.

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