Saturday Night Live - Season 42

During Saturday Night Live‘s Weekend Update, Michael Che revealed that he’s no longer going to sit idly by as “liberal white women” continue to give him a hard time on social media for some of the things he says. Instead, he decided to “try to see things from their perspectives,” so he went undercover as “a white woman named Gretchen.”

In order to embody his new persona, he rocked a blond wig (but no makeup) and read Yelp, HuffPost, and Lena Dunham’s book. And then he headed to brunch.

“It worked! Everyone saw me as a liberal white woman,” Che said, especially after he told his brunch pals discussing Meghan Markle’s engagement to Prince Harry, “I don’t mean no disrespect — I just feel like the monarchy is patriarchy.”

During his day as Gretchen, Che experienced fighting for a seat on the subway with a manspreader and someone “trying to mansplain my issues to me” — to which Gretchen responded with, “Hold my Warbys” as she whipped off her glasses.

“I learned a lot,” Che concluded. “I learned the sometimes women can be really mean to each other … and sometimes they just get random money in the mail from their dads.” He added, “They want the same thing: equality, respect, and wine in the daytime with no shame.”

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Saturday Night Live - Season 42
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