Chapter Seventy-One
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If you’ll recall, Jane Villanueva had her heart broken. In Jane the Virgin’s last episode, Adam revealed that he’d decided to move to L.A., thereby putting an abrupt end to his whirlwind romance with Jane. And now? Well, she has to go on a book tour and talk about love to large groups of people. “Her heart is broken,” showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman tells EW. “We left her in [episode] 6 quite sad about it, and then her feelings transform at the beginning of [episode] 7 and she’s less sad and a little bit more mad about how many times she asked him if he was all in and he kept saying yes. Why did he not tell her earlier before she got all invested? That’s where we start the episode.”

As for Jane’s book tour, Adam obviously won’t be accompanying her anymore, which leaves a spot open. And that spot is filled by Xo… and Alba. “We realized that we never have had the three women off on their own for an episode,” Urman says. “We decided that this would be a good moment for it because they all three are at these crossroads and they are all trying to escape from various difficult moments in their life and what better way to do that than with each other?”

The Villanueva road trip will result in many moments to remember, including a night out at a bar. “This episode fills my heart in a lot of ways in terms of the three women and the movement we do on various stories,” Urman says. “It’s got something for everyone. The heart of our show is these three women and their bond, and this is an episode that really takes advantage of that.”

As for what’s happening back at the Marbella, fans can expect an answer regarding Anezka’s death. “The narrator told us that she didn’t kill herself, and you find out what happened,” Urman says.

Jane the Virgin airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

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