Don’t expect to see James Corden touring with Taylor Swift anytime soon.

In a sketch on Thursday’s The Late Late Show, Corden filled in as the general manager of The Forum in Inglewood, California, during last week’s Jingle Ball concert event. As part of his duties — which included interactions with Sam Smith, Demi Lovato, and Liam Payne — Corden was called to help Swift when one of her backup dancers was forced to drop out before the performance. But rather than find a replacement, Corden became one himself — dressing up in tight-fitting pants, a crop-top, and fishnet shirt in an effort to help Swift and her team perform the hit song “Look What You Made Me Do.”

Swift, for her part, acted appropriately nonplussed by Corden’s behavior, giving him a mix of side-eye glances and resigned blinks worthy of Pam from The Office.

Watch the full sketch above — the Swift portion occurs after the 10-minute mark.