Bob’s Burgers always serves up big laughs for the holidays, but on Sunday, open wide for a supersize Christmas meal. The animated comedy’s hour-long episode — a musical, to boot! — kicks into gear with Linda awakening from a magical dream and deciding to throw a party to brighten up this blue Yuletide season. Alas, someone steals the top of her special ornament-studded tree. “Right when she was trying to do something bright for the holidays, the most evil thing possible happens,” creator Loren Bouchard tells EW. “She wants her kids’ ornaments back, they’re irreplaceable. She goes on a tear, she hunts down her friends and neighbors, one by one, because anyone who was at that party is a suspect. Bob is very concerned that she is too emotional about this.”

Meanwhile, Teddy tells the kids about a chilling mythical creature named the Bleaken. They come to believe that the Bleaken is the thief — and he’ll be coming back soon for their presents — so they embark on an adventure to hunt down this anti-Santa. How dangerous does it get? “By the end of this thing, we’re in a tunnel, the lights go out, and all the characters think they might die,” says Bouchard. “This is a serious Christmas — yet full of surprises.”

One of those is Star Wars actor Adam Driver, who voices an artist/nude model named Art the Artist. Art attends Linda’s party, which makes him one of many suspects. Two things you should know. One: “He’s nude in that scene,” says Bouchard. And two: he will sing. “He did a wonderful voice and he sings in this very sweet — I want to call it a young Emo Philips — voice,” says Bouchard. “It’s this adorable character that he plays.”

The episode also contains a big closing number called “Twinkly Lights,” and it contains a pointed message for these trying times in America. “There are a lot of white Christmas lights, but it takes all colors of lights,” says Bouchard. “That is an important point to make.”

Above, you can get a preview of the Bleaken in this clip from “The Bleakening,” which airs Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

What’s that? You also want a tiny Tina tease? “You get to see Tina holding a battle ax in a fantasy,” says Bouchard, “and you get to see Tina fight with a ruler in reality.” Merry Buttsmas!

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