December 07, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST

AMC already released one scene from this Sunday’s upcoming The Walking Dead midseason finale, in which Maggie literally sees trouble on the road ahead, but now EW has another exclusive sneak peek of the episode (titled “How It’s Gotta Be”).

In the scene, Tara finds Rosita unloading a new supply of grenades taken from the Saviors’ warehouse and shares the great news that her and Daryl’s plan to breach the Sanctuary walls “worked” and that it’s only a matter of time now. (She is clearly blissfully unaware that Negan and Co. may have already made their escape thanks to Eugene.)

When Tara tells Rosita they should use the new weapons to redirect the herd, Rosita is more than happy to hand them over — all at once, in fact, leading to quite a load for Tara to carry.

Watch what may end up being one of the few lighter moments from the midseason finale for yourself above, and follow me on Twitter @DaltonRoss for all the Walking Dead scoop you can handle.

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