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When will we officially find out who cast the curse on Once Upon a Time? — Kendrick
Yes, everyone suspects it’s Drizella, but we will find out whether that’s true or not soon! “You will learn by the winter finale who has cast the curse and why,” Lana Parrilla tells me, noting that we can also expect a big showdown in that hour. “There will be some fun magic battles. The most exciting thing that’s happening in the winter finale is we are seeing a familiar character return, and we are also going to learn who cast this curse and why.”

Here’s a random one, but do you know anything about Empire? — Katelyn
Actually, yes! I hear that someone is going to die in the fall finale — and it’s not a random character.

Any hope for some NCIS: LA spoilers? — Martia
I can exclusively reveal that Ashley Spillers will be returning as Nell’s older sister, Homeland Security Specialist Sydney Jones, for an episode slated to air in March. The hour, titled “Goodbye, Vietnam,” finds the team needing to leverage every possible ally while undergoing a mission to save Hetty. “Having talented, fearless, and funny actors is one of the greatest parts of the job and Renee and Ashley play off each other so well that you want their characters to open their own detective agency,” executive producer R. Scott Gemmill says. “We had so much fun in the 200th episode that we couldn’t wait to team them up again.”

What’s going on between Karolina and Nico on Marvel’s Runaways? — Vanessa
That will be addressed head-on very soon, but let’s just put their relationship in the “it’s complicated” category, especially because Nico and Alex are currently together. “There being something of an official couple among the group will definitely affect the dynamics that they’ve been building, and especially land on one individual member of the group who we may have already seen clocking this relationship and not having a super positive reaction to it,” EP Stephanie Savage says. “There will be a little jealousy.” There will also be other potential pairings. “As people start to couple up, it will inspire someone like Chase to have a thought about also advancing a relationship he’s been pursuing and is interested in,” EP Josh Schwartz adds.

Anything on the Supernatural mid-season finale? I can’t wait for more Jack! — Jane
Yes, Jack is back, and he’s on a mission that will introduce him to newcomer Kaia, a dreamwalker. But there’s still the question of whether Jack is good or bad, which will be answered — at least for the time being — by episode’s end. Also by episode’s end? A major cliffhanger that will set the stage for the Wayward Sisters backdoor pilot. Let’s just say it’s something Sam and Dean have never dealt with before.

So what’s the deal with Hirst on Blindspot? — Rayna
Now that Patterson and Zapata suspect Hirst is actually working behind their backs by manipulating tattoo cases that point to her, they’ll be quietly investigating her, but it won’t be easy. “Their next step is to take down the Director of the FBI, which as you can imagine is gonna be real hard,” EP Martin Gero says. “The fact that Reade has a great allegiance to Hirst is gonna greatly complicate things. They’ll have to move very carefully.”

What do you have on The Big Bang Theory? — Mallory
This should come as no surprise, but when the show returns from hiatus, Sheldon and Amy will try to use science to see who should be their Maid of Honor and Best Man.

Are May and Coulson going to address what happened last season on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Phil
“Eventually,” EP Jeff Bell says. “We try, as storytellers, to pay off everything we set up, hopefully not exactly as you think or when you think is going to happen, but yes.” Unfortunately, they’re a little busy at the moment being stuck in space, but the plan is for them to eventually address their feelings once they’re out of the woods.

I’d like some Blue Bloods info. — John
I’ve got some huge casting news for you! I’ve learned exclusively that Ernie Hudson has booked a guest-starring role for an episode slated for sometime in 2018. He’ll play Darryl, a hardworking school principal for a school where students are deeply troubled by gang violence. He is terribly frustrated that he hasn’t been able to do anything to stop the violence, so he goes to extreme measures in hopes of making a difference. I hear he decides to confront the kids “in the language they understand best.” Make of that what you will.

What’s next for Rebecca now that she’s been diagnosed on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? — Mary
Well, it might surprise you, but the mid-season finale is more about Paula than it is Rebecca. When Paula decides to visit her father in Buffalo, New York, Rebecca tags along — and ends up bonding with Paula’s father. But it’s Paula who comes face-to-face with someone from her past. The visit will help Paula make more than one big decision about the relationships in her life.

This week in TV: I’m glad The Flash is finally doing The Trial of The Flash.

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