'I'm like Billy the Kid Molester,' Oswalt joked

Patton Oswalt, impersonating Roy Moore on The Tonight Show Tuesday, has some new campaign slogan ideas for the Alabama Senate candidate in the wake of those sexual misconduct allegations.

“Roy Moore, I Dress Like This Because I Can’t Go to the Mall to Get New Clothes,” Oswalt’s Moore shared with Jimmy Fallon during the show’s opening monologue.

Others included, “Roy Moore, Don’t Google Me” and “Roy Moore, If 2017 Was a Person, It Would Be Me.”

Among the claims lodged against the real-life Moore, the Senate hopeful was accused by multiple women of sexually pursuing teenagers when he was in his 30s, while others claim Moore sexually assaulted them. There was even a rumor he had been banned from a mall because of harassment, hence Oswalt’s first slogan idea.

Moore has denied these allegations as “false and misleading,” while President Donald Trump recently endorsed him and the RNC decided to back his campaign again despite the swirling controversy.

Oswalt’s Moore was “shocked” by Trump’s endorsement and has decided to reject the gesture. “These are some serious and disturbing allegations against Donald Trump, and frankly I do not want to be associated with this fella at all,” he said, referring to the president’s own history of sexual harassment and assault allegations (which Trump has denied).

“I think that he’s immature,” he added of Trump. “He’s annoying, he’s gossipy — he’s like a teenaged girl, but in a bad way.”

When Fallon became turned off by the character’s speech, he tried to win back the late-night host with some Southern charm. “Look at my cowboy hat,” Oswalt’s Moore exclaimed. “I’m like Billy the Kid Molester.”

Watch Oswalt in the clip above.

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