Kate McKinnon, mistress of impressions, added another to her rotating roster. The Saturday Night Live Emmy winner flaunted her impersonation of Wonder Woman star and former SNL host Gal Gadot to Jimmy Fallon — and it was Wonder-rous!

“She really made an impact down at SNL,” McKinnon recalled. The funny woman sprinkled in her impression as she explained what it was like to work with her. “I asked her, like, ‘Do you have hobbies, Gal?'” McKinnon said, “and she was like, ‘I love to go to the beach, I love to paddle board, I love to watch my children run on the sand, I love to go to the Maldives. Do you have a hobby, Kate?’ I was like, ‘I watch Dateline!'”

Gadot, apparently, also offered some financial advice. As McKinnon, channeling Gadot’s dreamy voice, said, “If you mortgage under $1.1 you can deduct the interest.”

McKinnon and SNL costar Aidy Bryant, who featured in that Wonder Woman island sketch, spent a great deal of time with Gadot. “We talked to her a lot and we realized, ‘Oh, okay, now we are Midwestern toads compared to this Mediterranean goddess,” she said. “Everything she says is like a prophecy.”

Gadot, who also works as a model, made a different impression at the SNL cast dinner before her hosting turn. “We usually just talk about what movies we’ve seen and what TV we’ve seen,” McKinnon explained, “but she just sat down… and she was like, ‘I want everyone to go around the table and say something they’ve never told anyone.'”

Even producer Lorne Michaels couldn’t deny Wonder Woman.

Watch McKinnon’s flawless impression in the video above.

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