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Royal Wedding fever and holiday binging is upon us, and Netflix couldn’t have found a better time to release the second season of The Crown. The second installment of the critically acclaimed drama about Queen Elizabeth II and the British monarchy is due out later this week, and our Bingeworthy hosts are divided on its quality.

“Claire Foy is absolutely masterful as Queen Elizabeth,” says co-host Jessica Shaw. “She does so much, she has to be so buttoned up and so reserved and she will give even a slight movement of her eyebrow and you’re like, ‘I know exactly what you’re trying to say because you’re so good at what you do!’ I’m crazy about this show.”

Touré, however, isn’t vying for an invite to the Royal Wedding. “I don’t think that the people who founded America did so so that we could sit here watching a frickin’ drama about the Queen!” In fact, he fell asleep twice trying to watch the first episode.

The upcoming season will be Claire Foy’s final season with the Netflix show, as each season tackles roughly a decade of the sitting monarch’s life. Olivia Colman is set to replace her as Queen Elizabeth II.

Watch the full Bingeworthy clip above, and stream the second season of The Crown starting Dec. 8 on Netflix. Read EW’s review here.

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