By Natalie Abrams
December 05, 2017 at 06:00 PM EST
Credit: Hulu

Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Tuesday’s episode of Marvel’s Runaways. Read at your own risk.

The Runaways may have cemented themselves as a team during Tuesday’s episode, but alliances will soon shift among them.

Just after unearthing files that basically proved their parents are indeed villains, the disparate group of Runaways banded together to save Alex (Rhenzy Feliz). But their loyalty to one another will be questioned as some of the group come to see that their parents may not be the mustache-twirling villains they expected.

“Different kids are going to have different reactions to what their parents did, and there will be alliances drawn amongst the kids on that line,” executive producer Josh Schwartz tells EW. “Some kids absolutely believe that their parents are evil, others want to find a different explanation for what their parents could have done, and those alliances will shift over the course of the season.”

Adds executive producer Stephanie Savage: “The kids will change their points of view as they get different information or start to have different relationships with their parents.”

After five episodes, here’s where the Runaways stand: Alex (Rhenzy Feliz) and Karolina (Virginia Gardner) are firmly on the side of Pride being evil. While the files exposing Pride’s sacrifices have turned Karolina’s world upside down, Alex experienced his father’s past and present nefarious deeds firsthand Tuesday after being kidnapped by his father’s former associate. But for the rest of the Runaways, the water is a bit more murky. Chase‘s (Gregg Sulkin) father Victor (James Marsters) has finally shown interest in his son’s work and even revealed he has a brain tumor — and let’s be honest, any conversation where Victor is not yelling at his son is a major improvement. Gert (Ariela Barer), meanwhile, is somewhat soft on her parents after discovering they created a bioengineered velociraptor that responds to her. And let’s not forget that Molly (Allegra Acosta) is still hoping to get info on her late parents from Catherine (Angel Parker). Even Nico (Lyrica Okano) will soon find a common bond with her mother, Tina (Brittany Ishibashi). Hence, these aforementioned reasons could compromise the team in making decisions about whether to expose their parents (and there’s always the threat of this).

But the Runaways aren’t the only ones with fluid allegiances, as the Pride has already been dealing with that for years. The Yorkes were secretly planning to escape, Janet (Ever Carradine) and Robert (James Yaegashi) have been carrying on an affair, and the Hernandez parents are already dead. “We wanted to go as deep and dimensionalize our parents as much as we could the kids and that also means the alliances amongst them,” Schwartz says. “But this is a group of people who didn’t necessarily ever want to be brought together. They don’t necessarily get along. There’s a lot of egos in the room and that creates a lot of tension and dissension amongst the Pride.” (Expect to see more of that next week as a flashback reveals more on the origin of the Pride.)

A new episode of Marvel’s Runaways will be released Tuesdays on Hulu.