The surreal new show introduces the residents of the Tierra Chula Resident Hotel
Credit: TBS


TBS loves to spring surprises on you. The network that premiered the entire first season of Angie Tribeca in a 25-hour marathon and released the first season of Search Party over Thanksgiving week last year has now done it again with its latest show, the cartoon Tarantula. The show stars former Silicon Valley writer Carson Mell as Echo Johnson, an uncertified tattoo artist prone to poetic and surreal monologues. Most of the show takes place at the Tierra Chula Resident Hotel, lovingly called “The Tarantula” by its residents and frequent guests.

Anyone intrigued by that premise is in luck, because TBS has once again rolled out an instantaneous release for Tarantula. The show (also produced by Danny McBride and David Gordon Green, among others) makes its TV debut on Dec. 4 at 10 pm ET/PT on TBS, with two episodes following each week after. But for the eager, the show is also currently streaming in its entirety on the TBS app and at In fact, the first two episodes (“Seesaw” and “Mushroom Valley”) are on YouTube right now.

Check them out below.

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